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Some steps to make your web browsing more anonymous and secure.

Mims well

One of the biggest threats in the internet era is the privacy on the web. Websites can track you and make profiles about you depending on search terms you make on search engines. So, how can we make us more anonymous and secure on the web? There is some simple steps that you can make:

Use https whenever you can if you are surfing on the web (this is shown left at the address bar of your browser). If you use ordinary http you are vulnerable for man-in-the-middle attacks. So, when you log in to your email account, you should use https to ensure that crackers would have a difficult time trying to break into your email account.

Disable cookies. Ads and third-party sites uses cookies to track you and makes a profile about you. Note however, websites that require that you login (e.g. email websites) require…

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More active blog

If you are interested in computers and philosphy about the mind and free will, I could recommend you to visit another blog that I and my friend are writing. He, like me, is interested in computers and also likes to talk about more “heavy” philosophical stuff, such as “is the world deterministic?”. You can visit us here. And I guess it will be more active than this, since we are two people writing on that blog.

Just wondering

I must say that I am rather bad in blogging (or I do not make posts as often as I think I should). I have mostly other things to do, but I have also started another blog with a friend of mine now. I believe that the other blog will be more active thanks to my friend who I know has a lot opinions and likes to debate.

But I hope that you do not mind that I probably write as little as I do. However, there will be a lot to read in the other blog also. To read that, please click here.