First steps to take ACTA away

The EU International Trade Committee has recommended the EU parliament to wote down the ACTA treaty. I have earlier stated that ACTA is not a good thing since it can harm our freedom and integrity on the net in a more negative way. The swedish MPs for the Pirate party, Amelia Andersdotter stated “This shows that citizens can make a difference and that there are institutions that listen when citizens have spoken. It is great for democracy” according to

The thing with ACTA has been that it was initially negotiated behind closed doors. It is a “trade agreement” but what it actually does if it is agreed it could make the ISP (Internet Service Providers) some kind of police force. Young citizens could be forced to court when they download music and films home for private use. ACTA states, that if you download a “commercial scale” of music you will put into penalty. But what “commercial scale” exactly means is not defined in the agreement.

Another thing that is mentioned about this is the pirated medicine. Well, I would not be a fan of pirated medicine but I also would not be a fan of putting people that downloads copies of sofware in jail. I think that it is a bit like comparing pears and apples. Medicine is very important to make people live longer (while this is not always the case) And in the matter of music and films are culture that is not as important as medicine but still the makers could feel better if they got paid for their work. But I feel that it is more drastic to send a man/woman in prison for copying a file if you compare it to those making humbug medicine. In my case the ones making medicine that do not work is a big crime rather than a person that justs wants to listen to music or watch a film. Just my opinion =P


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