Daily Archives: June 21, 2012

Yes, I like the summer…

…but I really hate my pollen allergy. And I prefer coldness rather than heat (except for saunas). I guess it is in my genes, since I am a finn. And I guess that saunas is our “thing”. And fishing. And summer cottages at a lake. That sums up a rather typical finnish summer to me, visiting my relatives and hang out in the sauna after a long day of fishing.

All the past summers me and my family have gone visiting our relatives in Finland (we live in a neighbouring country) and just hung out and relaxed. For me, that would be a day long fishing trip, probably some berry-picking (you can freely walk around in the forest there, without the landowners permission) and a good sauna bath after that. A complete, ideal summer day for me.

Unfortunately, I can not travel to Finland this summer. But I do not mind, there will be other chances for me. Instead, I can hang around with my friends here, visit them or they can visit me. And it could be a good experience to be at home one summer. Well, now I have to go “fetch a sauna”, if I can. Otherwise, I will “fetch the shower”.