Monthly Archives: January 2012

Now comes the next thing…

Now comes the next thing after SOPA and PIPA, that needs to be highlighted: ACTA. It stands for “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”. There are many things that is bad with this agreement: Firstly, it is negotiated in the secret (very little is announced to us officially). Secondly, it is being negotiated by a few countries but the consequences could have an enormous impact throughout the whole web.

There was an blog post about this problem, written by John Sullivan in the FSF website that made me react to this problem. ACTA has been negotiated for some years now (the earliest posts that I’ve found was from 2008 in ars technica).

Additional problems with the agreement could be that you must use software with drm, and probably free software could say goodbye.

Other useful links: Free software foundation, Electronic frontier foundation.